Why do Tenants Have to Provide so Much information on an Application?

When you’re trying to rent a home for yourself and your family, you’re usually asked to fill in an Application To Rent form. The information collected on the form is protected by privacy laws and can’t be used for anything other than its intended purpose which is to determine if you are a suitable tenant.  But why does the Landlord need all this information on an application? Information on an application CREDIT CHECKS. Providing the basics is just common sense – your name, birthdate and current address are used to obtain a current credit report. If you’ve got bad credit,…

Screening Tenants – A Landlords Time Investment

If you are already a landlord you know that looking after your investment and screening tenants can be extremely time-consuming and at times even disappointing. Everything could be great; the rent comes in on time, the house and yard look well-maintained and then your tenant gives notice to vacate. You post ads, re-word the advertisement, enter it on other websites trying to attract attention and still no one calls.  You might even pay money to advertise in the newspaper. Is the rent negotiable? Screening tenants to find the right tenant can be a challenge. You may get questions such as, “Can…

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