COVID-19 Office Update

Nanaimo Rentals and Property Management Posted COVID-19 Safety Plan December 1, 2020 COVID-19 could be introduced to our workplace from a number of sources including: Staff Delivery people and suppliers REALTORS Clients/Visitors/Guests Every person with exposure to outside elements has the potential to introduce COVID-19 into our workplace. Masks Mandatory in the offices – Due to an increase in the following: The Provincial Government has mandated a Health order requiring the use of masks in all public spaces. The number of Island and BC Covid-19 cases The amount of seasonal travel The number of out-of-town buyers coming into the offices…

Can You Be A Long Distance Landlord?

Absolutely you can be a long distance Landlord! But how you achieve this successfully can be a bit more complex. Owning property in the Nanaimo area is a smart decision even if you don’t live here. Home prices are more affordable than in some other areas of the province and with the current exchange rate against the US dollar, now is a great time to make the leap if you’re an American looking for investment opportunities. Prices, while still affordable, have room to grow and your real estate investment will most likely continue to appreciate in value over the foreseeable…

4 Pitfalls of Managing Your Own Rental Properties

There are pitfalls of managing your own rental. Have you ever gone to the property only to find that your new prospective tenant did not show up? What a waste of time, managing your own rental can be! We are here to help you handle situations just like that. 1. Screening new tenants Finding, screening and approving new and qualified tenants can be a difficult task. It involves advertising, phone calls and lots of questions. Sometimes things go wrong, especially when you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up appointments yourself. Even when you do get an application to rent, there’s…

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