Expectant Useful Life of Your Rentals Building Elements

For residential tenancies in British Columbia, there is a Residential Tenancy Policy Guideline pertaining to the expectant useful life of your rentals building elements – which includes components and fixtures. But what does this mean? The Policy describes the Useful Life as the expected lifetime or the acceptable period of use of an item under normal circumstances. This Useful Life of Building Elements Guideline can be helpful in determining when an item may need to be replaced (rather than repaired), and may also assist when calculating a tenant’s responsibility for the cost of replacement. The useful life of your rentals…

Is Dropping By Your Rental Property Appropriate?

We know you take great pride in your property and consider it your house. But once you have tenants renting the home, the rules change. Your property becomes a business – an investment – and because you are now a Landlord, there are rules and laws you have to follow. It’s still your house but it’s your tenant’s home and you need to respect that. So is dropping by your rental property appropriate? Dropping by your rental property The only time you and/or your Property Manager are permitted to enter the premises without notice is if there is an emergency situation requiring immediate…

Managing Your Rental Property – What to Expect From Your Property Manager

Now that you are a real estate investor, you may want to consider the services of a Property Management company to look after your property. An experienced Property Manager can not only maximize your revenue by achieving the best rental rates possible, but can also minimize expenses to ensure you get the best return on that investment. If you’ve never been involved with a Property Management company before, here are a few tips on what to expect when someone else is managing your rental property. Managing your rental property Property Management firms handle the day to day operation of the property…

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