Should You Tell Your Landlord You Are Moving?

If you’re a tenant, when is the best time to tell your Landlord you’re buying a house and are going to be moving out? Should you tell your Landlord you are moving? The short answer is – that depends. Tenancy Agreement First of all, if you have a fixed term tenancy agreement with a specific end date, you can’t end the tenancy before that date without being responsible for the rent if the Landlord can’t re-rent the place right away. Let your real estate agent know when your end date is and you may be able to work your purchase closing date…

Moving Around the Holidays

Moving can be difficult at the best of times. But moving around the holidays can be even more challenging for a variety of reasons. If you’re planning a move near the Christmas season, finding a new place to live can be the first of many issues that you’ll face. Most people don’t tend to move around the holidays – everyone is settled in, enjoying the festivities. But, that can make available rentals hard to come by and the good ones get snapped up fast. Availability At RE/MAX of Nanaimo Property Management, we’re available year round to help you with your…

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