What to Expect From a Move-Out Inspection

You’ve been renting a place for a while now and the time has come to move out. What happens next? What does your Landlord expect from a move-out inspection when you vacate the property and how can you ensure you’ll get a full refund of your security deposit? Move-out inspection cleaning standards First off, clean the premises. Clean the floors, the walls, and the appliances (inside and out, under and around). Don’t forget to clean the windows, the window tracks, the bathrooms, and the cabinets (inside and out). Anything that can collect dirt or dust should be wiped down, washed and…

4 Pitfalls of Managing Your Own Rental Properties

There are pitfalls of managing your own rental. Have you ever gone to the property only to find that your new prospective tenant did not show up? What a waste of time, managing your own rental can be! We are here to help you handle situations just like that. 1. Screening new tenants Finding, screening and approving new and qualified tenants can be a difficult task. It involves advertising, phone calls and lots of questions. Sometimes things go wrong, especially when you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up appointments yourself. Even when you do get an application to rent, there’s…

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