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Nanaimo School Catchment Areas

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If you’re in search of a new home and have school age kids, it’s important to know where Nanaimo School Catchment areas and boundaries are for the school you want your kids to attend.  This is because if you don’t live within the catchment boundary, you may have a tough time enrolling the kids in that particular school. Do you know what Nanaimo School Catchment areas you prefer your children to be in?

School District 68

For help with this, we looked to the Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School District website, located at By clicking on the Schools tab and then the Catchment Map, you can see the boundaries for each district in the public school system.  This is an interactive map, so it allows you to zoom in to see more detailed areas or zoom out for a general overview.  It also identifies individual public schools and their locations within each catchment.

You can also select School Locater on the Schools tab.  This allows you to enter the street name of your residence (or potential residence), and it will then provide a list of public schools serving that address.

Nanaimo School Catchment areas change

Don’t just assume you know which schools are in your preferred catchment.  School catchment areas have been known to change, normally to address enrolment fluctuations. During these circumstances, currently enrolled students and siblings are given the option to stay at their current school or move to their new catchment school.  That’s a decision each family can make based on their own particular preferences and situation.

As of March 2 2016, changes are being considered to several catchments including Brechin, Forest Park, Mountain View and several others, so if you’re considering a move, make sure you visit the School District website to confirm which schools belong to each catchment and which ones may be moving to new catchments.

Out of Catchment Enrolment

In the event you have concerns relating the proposed changes, the School District website contains information for how parents can provide their feedback.  There’s also a form for applying for Out of Catchment Enrolment.

Once you’ve established which catchment you want to live in contact us to get you established in the area of your choice.  [su_divider]

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