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One Month Notice to End Tenancy For Cause

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Part 2: Notice to End Tenancy Series

As a Landlord, what recourse do you have if your Tenant isn’t really holding up their end of the bargain?  Under a few specific circumstances, you can end the tenancy by giving the Tenant a One Month Notice to End the Tenancy For Cause.

7 reasons that qualify as a Cause to issue a One Month Notice

  1. Repeated late payment of rent (the Residential Tenancy Office defines this as at least 3 times, and it should be over a relatively short period of time, for example 3 times in 6 months)
  2. Illegal activity that has or could damage the property or that jeopardizes the health, safety or quiet enjoyment of another occupant or the Landlord
  3. The Tenant (or someone allowed on the property by the Tenant) has unreasonably disturbed other occupants at the property, or jeopardizes the health, safety or lawful rights of others
  4. A breach of a material term of the Tenancy Agreement which has not been corrected in a reasonable time after written notice is given to the Tenant
  5. The Security or Pet Damage Deposit hasn’t been paid within 30 days as required by the Tenancy Agreement
  6. The Tenant hasn’t repaired damages to the rental unit
  7. The Tenant has allowed an unreasonable number of occupants in the unit

One Month Notice

The form for this Notice can be filled in on-line, or it can be printed off and filled in by hand.  Make sure you have sufficient time before the end of the month to post it on the door, because you have to allow 3 days for the tenant to have “received” it, if it is served in this manner.  Check back for Part 4 of this series which will deal with methods of serving Notices and how much time to allow for each method.

If you are considering ending a tenancy but are unsure whether or not this type of Notice to End Tenancy is appropriate to your specific circumstances, it’s best to speak directly to the Residential Tenancy Office for guidance.

At RE/MAX of Nanaimo Property Management, we can take care of these types of issues for you.  Call us today at (250) 751-1223 to find out how our full service Property Management can help you![su_divider]

Check back next week for Part 3: Two Month Notice to End Tenancy For Landlord Use

Disclaimer: This is not a legal opinion or advice, but rather a general overview.  For legal interpretations or to find out about your own situation call the Residential Tenancy Office at 1-800-665-8779, or check their website at

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