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Renting? Tips for Maintaining Your Yard

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If you rent a home, you might wonder what your responsibilities are regarding yard work. If you live in a condo or apartment, you probably don’t need to worry about this, but if you live in a duplex or a house, it’s generally up to the tenant to look after the yard. That’s why we came up with tips for maintaining your yard.

  • Lawn
    • mowing
    • watering (when allowed)
    • fertilizing
  • Weeded and watering
    • flower beds
    • shrubs

No one likes a messy yard and it doesn’t reflect well on the home or on you if things are overgrown or dead.

Tips for maintaining your yard

If you want to add to your garden, but don’t have a green thumb, don’t panic. Instead, talk to the local garden centre. They can provide useful information about maintaining flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns. If you want to learn about when to plant or what to plant they’re a great resource for that as well. Depending on where you live, you may even need advice on “deer-proof” or “rabbit-proof” plants. Spring is a great time to clean up and get a fresh start, so visit the garden centre early in the season.

Once your yard is established, it doesn’t have to take long to tidy up once a week. Ensuring the outside of your rental property is kept clean and tidy and the yard well maintained enhances the appearance of the home and shows that you care.

If your schedule is just too busy to worry about the yard, there are other ways to make sure it’s kept up. Pay the neighbors kid to mow the lawn every week or two. And remember, there are always landscaping companies who can provide many levels of service depending on your requirements. They can mow the lawn, plant your seasonal flowers, weed your flower beds, or prune your trees and shrubs. If this is something you want to consider, call two or three to give you an estimate and make your decision based on your needs, the yards’ needs, and your budget.

Choosing the right rental property

If you are a tenant considering a move to a new home, take a look at the yard and double check with the rental agent about who is responsible for maintaining it. If it’s going to be up to you and you don’t think you can keep it up, then maybe that isn’t the right property for you, if it is, use the above tips for maintaining your yard.

Always choose your rental home carefully, based upon your lifestyle and your needs.[su_divider]

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