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RTA Part 2 – A Landlords Right to Enter Your Rental Home

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Previously, we looked at how to give proper notice to your Landlord that you are moving out. This posts focus is on a Landlord’s right to enter your rental home to inspect.

Once you move into your rental home, you are entitled to peace and quiet enjoyment. That means the Landlord can’t just walk in unannounced, he can’t just “pop by” to make sure things are going okay and he can’t expect you to let him in without warning simply because he feels like checking the condition of the home.

Rental entry conditions

While the Landlord has a right to enter your rental home and is entitled to inspect the premises, he can only enter the rental unit if:

a) the tenant gives permission at the time of entry or has given permission for up to 30 days before the entry. If he calls you and you agree to a day and time, then he can come at the agreed upon time

b) if the Tenant hasn’t given permission, the Landlord must give proper written notice

The written notice must give you at least 24 hours notice before the time of entry (and not more than 30 days in advance). It has to include the reason they are entering, and the date and time of entry, and can only be between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. unless the Tenant agrees otherwise.

The same rules apply if the Landlord is sending a service technician or handyman to fix something – either the Tenant must agree to a date/time, or the Landlord must provide a written 24 hour notice that someone will be coming to repair whatever it is that needs servicing. Generally the tenant wants the problem fixed, so they would most likely agree to a date and time with just a phone call.

IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: If an emergency exists, no notice is required if entry is necessary to protect life or property.

Right to enter your rental home

Under Section 29 of the Residential Tenancy Act the Landlord has the right to inspect the rental unit as often as once per month, but most Landlords don’t and you may only see them a handful of times each year.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this section of the Residential Tenancy Act, call the Residential Tenancy Office at 1-800-665-8779. [su_divider]

To learn more about our Property Management services or if you are looking for a rental contact our office at 250-751-1223.

Read here for more information about the 5 key sections Tenants should know about the Residential Tenancy Act.

Next article: Move-in and move-out condition inspections.

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