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Moving Around the Holidays

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Moving can be difficult at the best of times. But moving around the holidays can be even more challenging for a variety of reasons.

If you’re planning a move near the Christmas season, finding a new place to live can be the first of many issues that you’ll face. Most people don’t tend to move around the holidays – everyone is settled in, enjoying the festivities. But, that can make available rentals hard to come by and the good ones get snapped up fast.


At RE/MAX Rental Pros, we’re available year round to help you with your rental needs, including during the holidays. Our website is updated as soon as we receive new information so you can easily find our available rentals, any time of the day or night. And, we’re happy to schedule an appointment to view a home at a time that suits everyone!

Questions to consider before moving around the holidays

If you are lucky enough to find a rental property during the holidays, dealing with the rest of the move can be more of a pain than actually finding your new home.

  • Will the moving companies be working during the holidays when you need them?
  • Will your buddies want to help you move during the holiday season?
  • What about the carpet cleaning companies and general house cleaning services?
  • Will you be able to schedule the cable guy or phone company to come?
  • And what about the cost? Christmas is just around the corner, so paying for movers, utility account set ups and security deposits can be a huge added burden if your budget is tight.

All of these can make your move a bigger hassle than necessary and each needs to be considered when planning your next move.

The number of rental properties available before or after the holidays is usually higher than during the festive season, so if your moving date is flexible, you might have a better shot at finding the perfect new home if you move earlier or later than you initially planned. Having the right home to move into is important. You want to be comfortable in the home you choose, and you absolutely don’t want to settle for something that’s not right for you. [su_divider]

If you are in need of a new home, contact us or call our office and speak with one of our well qualified Property Managers. We’re here, ready to help!

We can be reached at (250) 751-1223


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