Privacy Policy

To help you rent or lease real estate, Property Managers, and Realtor brokerages need to protect, use and disclose some of your personal information. This privacy policy provides you with information about and obtains your consent to such information handling practices. Your privacy is very important to us. The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide you with a description of the type of information we collect and how we use that information.


Personal Information means any identifiable information about you, including your name, address, phone number, financial information and may include information about your property, lease rate, terms etc.

Property Managers are typically licensed under the Real Estate Services Act of BC. Brokerage refers to the real estate company where your Property Manager is licensed.

How is your personal information collected? Most personal information will be collected directly from you through contracts and other documents you fill out (e.g., Application to Rent, Tenancy Agreement, Agency Disclosure Statement, Working with a Realtor) and through discussions you have with the Property Manager. Some information may be collected from other sources, such as, but not limited to, credit bureau report and information gathered from references supplied by you.

To whom may your personal information be disclosed? Your information may be disclosed to government departments and agencies, legal advisors, service providers, the British Columbia Real Estate Association, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, The Canadian Real Estate Association other landlords or Property Managers seeking references about your rental history with RE/MAX of Nanaimo.

Not all your information will be accessible to each of the above-mentioned entities.  For example, the general public will not have access to your information unless it is otherwise available through public registries (e.g., Land Title Offices, BC Assessment, online services such as Google etc.).

Why is your personal information collected, used and disclosed? Your personal information may be collected, used and disclosed for some or all of the following purposes:

  1. To help you locate a suitable property to rent or lease;
  2. To facilitate the lease transaction (by sharing your personal information with landlords of specific properties, cooperating with financial institutions, legal advisors and government departments and agencies);
  3. To allow RE/MAX Property Management to compile current and historical statistics on property lease rates and to conduct comparative market analysis. Information about your property will be retained for these purposes after the property is leased (if you are a landlord) and after you have leased the property (if you are a tenant);
  4. To enforce codes of professional conduct and ethics for licensees (by cooperating with the British Columbia Real Estate Association, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, The Canadian Real Estate Association and other regulatory bodies); and
  5. To comply with legal requirements and to act pursuant to legal authorizations.

The above-mentioned collections, uses and disclosures are a necessary part of your relationship with the Property Manager.

Will your personal information be collected, used and disclosed for any other purposes? Your personal information may also be collected, used and disclosed for the following additional purposes:

  1. Your Property Manager may communicate with you in future to determine whether you require additional real estate services; and
  2. Your Property Manager may communicate with you to provide information about other products or services that may interest you.

These additional purposes are optional.  If you do not want your personal information used or disclosed for any of these purposes, please contact your Property Manager, or your Property Manager’s board privacy officer.

This website Does Not Collect Individually Identifiable Data on Users. We do not collect personally identifiable information on our web site unless you choose to give it to us via an electronic mail message or form signup. Even when you choose to give us information, we keep it confidential and secure. When guests visit this web site, we collect some basic information that does not identify individual users except when confirming access to members areas. This includes the amount of traffic visiting the site, which pages are visited and for how long, where the visitors come from, and what ISP they are using. We use the information we collect to improve the quality of our web site, enhance or tailor the information we offer, and make your experience on our site as valuable and efficient as possible.

Links to Other Web Sites. Please be aware that when you click on links that take you to third-party web sites, you will be subject to their respective privacy policy. While this website supports the protection of privacy on the Internet, this website cannot be responsible for the actions of third parties. We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement whenever interacting with any web site.

Consent to Gather Non-Identifiable Information. By using our services, you consent to the collection and use of your information as described in this policy. If this privacy policy updates, such changes will be posted in our office. So that you are always aware of what information we collect and how we use it, we recommend that you review this regularly.