Hiring Property Manager

Hiring Property Manager: RE/MAX of Nanaimo Property Management is currently seeking a Residential Property Manager for an exciting career opportunity within our team.  The individual must hold a current license in Rental Property Management and have excellent communication skills. Hiring Property Manager Responsibilities Responsibilities includes, but not limited to:    Conducting property assessments    Client relations and development of new…

Property Management Services for Landlords

By now you’ve reviewed our Summary of Landlord Services. But let’s take a little more detailed look at some of what Property Management services for Landlords are available – from RE/MAX of Nanaimo Property Management that is! Property Management services for Landlords ADVERTISING. Our website is a great resource for tenants looking for a new home. If a property is available for…

What You Need to Know About Non-Resident Tax (NR4)

Did you know that anyone owning real estate in Canada, who is classified as a non-resident of Canada as defined by the Income Tax Act of Canada, must pay Non-Resident Tax on gross revenues received from the rental property.  Generally this amounts to 25% of the total gross rents received from rental properties, although exemptions and lower rates may apply…

Managing Your Rental Property – What to Expect From Your Property Manager

Now that you are a real estate investor, you may want to consider the services of a Property Management company to look after your property. An experienced Property Manager can not only maximize your revenue by achieving the best rental rates possible, but can also minimize expenses to ensure you get the best return on that investment. If you’ve never…

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