5 Common Mistakes Landlords Make

Are you a Landlord looking after your own rental property? If so, watch out for the following common mistakes Landlords make. Mistakes Landlords Make Incomplete or improper paperwork. Make sure you complete a Tenancy Agreement with your new tenants before they move in. This details all the important information relating to the property, the rent, security and/or pet deposits, as well as who is responsible for what type of maintenance etc. If you have additional rules, make sure you attach a list of these as well so everyone knows what’s expected. Each tenant on the agreement, as well as the…

Move Out Checklist

A clean the premises is at the top of the list for a move-out inspection. Your move-out checklist should be more than simply having clean floors, walls, appliances, windows, bathrooms, and cabinets. Anything that can collect dirt or dust should be wiped down, washed and thoroughly cleaned. Making sure the carpets are professionally cleaned is also an important part of this move out process. Seem overwhelming? We’ve prepared a checklist of what’s expected to use as a guide in preparing the premises for when you give back the keys. It’s important to leave your rental unit in very good condition for a few good purposes: you’re likely to get…

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